MB reducer

MB reducer

 Product features:

MB CVT machine used in practice through the years, proved in numerous family of CVT machine, with its unique style, because this series of product design structure and convenient operation, stable transmission, etc, so it is widely used in food machinery, printing, paper making machinery, rubber, plastics machinery, ceramic machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and all kinds of work in production line requiring continuous process parameters changing and speed change, also has the new product trial production process to seek the optimum speed of machine.

1, MB speed stepless speed regulation precision, speed accuracy in 0.5 1 turn, this is the best similar products.

2, wide high speed range Rb = 5.

3, all of this series variable speed machine parts are through strict processing, precision machining, grinding, contact and lubrication performance is good, therefore, smooth running, low noise, long service life.

4 speed, MB, the biggest characteristic is can effectively and all kinds of gear reducer, cycloid reducer, combined use of worm gear reducer, so as to increase the output torque and achieve the lowest and highest output speed at various occasions, has good adaptability.

Speed, 5 MB of output torque and power changes as the change of output of revolution, when has the mechanical characteristics of the change the torque and power.

Technical parameters:

Power: 0.18 KW to 7.5 KW

Torque: 1.5 N · m ~ 2062 n. m

Speed range:

1. The basic model: 200-1000 r/min

2. The variable speed machine belt level gear reduction (I = 2.5 5) : 40-200 r/min

3. The variable speed machine with secondary gear reducer (I = 7.1-25) : 8-140 r/min

4. The variable speed machine with triple gear reduction (I = 42-100) : 2-23.5 r/min

Deceleration machine no. :

MB02, MB04, MB07, MB15, MB22, MB40, MB55, MB75

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