WB reducer

WB reducer

WB series micro swing pin wheel reducer product performance characteristics:

1, for whole body structure, beautiful appearance generous, good rigidity.

2, box type has a basic (box with bottom baseboard with two structures of vertical or horizontal) and universal type (enclosure for cuboid, multifaceted equipped with fixed screw holes, with no bottom baseboard bottom baseboard, and other structural type or another)

3, input shaft coupling means has basic (single input shaft and input shaft), with motor flange two kinds.

4, the structure of the output shaft has basic (single output shaft, dual output shaft), and the hollow output shaft.

5, the output and input shaft position have on the input shaft and the directions; Output shaft up and down; Input shaft up and down.

6, available with 2 or 3 reduction units into multistage speed reducer, in order to obtain a great deal of transmission ratio.

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