ARA series of steering gear bo

ARA series gear steering box


Technical parameters:

Power: 0.018 KW to 4.94 KW

Torque: 6.95 ~ 46.8 Nm

Gear ratio: 1-1, 2-1

Gear, gear is made of high quality high purity alloy just 20 crmntih carburizing and quenching, and grinding;

Steering box casing adopt aluminum alloy material;

Spindle: axial using alloy steel conditioning, hung heavy loading capacity;

Bearing: equipped with heavy load bearing ability;

The oil seal oil seal: double sealing lip, both the dust and oil proof ability;

Lubrication: proper lubricating oil use, can play to machine efficiency, and improve its working life.

A. the early use of 100-200 hours or two weeks, is the friction consumption in the early stage, there may be a little metal between the mo powder, please be sure to clean inside, and a new lubricating oil.

B. when used for a long time, every six months to a year or 1000-2000 hours to replace a lubricating oil.

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