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Reducer is a main product in mechanical industry

Reducer definition:
Reducer is a kind of transmission, the principle is to put the motor, internal combustion engine, motor, or other high-speed operation of the power, through the reducer on the input shaft of less number of teeth on the gear engagement output shaft of the wheel, so as to achieve the aim of slowing down.
Reducer main use:
Commonly used for low speed high torque transmission equipment, can achieve the goal of slowing down.
Areas of deceleration machine is mainly used:
From the scope of the performance of the speed reducer, reducer is a mechanical transmission device, in the field of national economy many industries involved in the product category includes R series reducer, k series reducer and worm reducer, also includes a variety of special transmission device, such as growth device, speed regulating device, and including flexible transmission device, all kinds of compound gear, etc. Products are involved in the service of metallurgy, non-ferrous, coal, building materials, shipping, water conservancy, electric power, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, etc.
In the department of chemical and oil production, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are liquid, and the raw material, semi-finished products and finished products need to go through complex processes, speed reducer in the process of these have the effect of slow down at the same time improve the output torque, in addition, the slowdown in many devices at the same time also reduce the load moment of inertia.
In the mining and metallurgical industry, speed reducer is the most used equipment.
In the construction of national defense, aircraft flap, stern rudder and the adjustment of the landing gear, warship and tank turret rotation, the sinking and rising of the submarine, etc. All need to use reducer.
In the shipbuilding industry, each reducer used in the ocean round its type is also various.
In short, whether it is aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, or the drilling, mining, train, ship, or daily life, everywhere need to use reducer, is filled with reducer running. , so the speed reducer is such as general machinery, it is the main products in the mechanical industry.


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