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T series of gear steering box assembly requirements

T series gear steering box is a kind of power to communicate, have a wide range of applications in the field of industry.
T series gear steering box chassis adopts high rigid cast iron casting; Gear is made of high quality high purity alloy steel carburizing and quenching grinding; Main shaft adopt alloy steel conditioning, have hung heavy load capacity; Bearing is equipped with rolling cone bearing a heavy load capacity; Oil seal oil seal with double seal lip piece, both the dust and oil proof ability. After a period of use, after the addition of appropriate lubricating oil use, can play to the efficiency of the box, and improve its working life.
T series of gear steering box assembly requirements
1, the parts must be soaked with oil before assembly.
2, assembly hot charging rolling bearings allow used engine oil heating;
3, the gear assembly, the tooth surface contact spots and clearance should comply with the regulations of actual operation;
4 parts must be clean before assembly, and clean, can not have burr, flash, scale, rust, chip, oil, stain and dirt, etc.;
5, tightening torque requirements of fasteners, torque wrench must be used for fastening operation;
6, bearing outer ring and the open type bearing and the bearing cover of semicircle holes are not allowed to have stuck phenomenon;
7, rolling bearing installed by hand after the rotation should be flexible, smooth;
8, the bearing body contact with the bearing should be uniform;
9, reference face gear and the positioning sleeve end should fit, and to ensure the verticality between the two is;
10, the combination of gear box and cover surface should be in good contact.


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