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R series reducer fruitful in terms of environmental protection energy conservati

With the continuous development of the energy use of scarce resources, reduce resource depletion and the mode of production and development of the enterprise direction has a connection which is closely linked. In machine of decelerate of barm save resources, industry has been specializing in the production mode of construction energy conservation and emissions reduction, and has formed a relatively mature technology and quality system.
Due to the large reducer technological equipment is more, want to success in terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction, will have to develop small size, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, high reliability, machine of decelerate of environmentally friendly products, thereby increasing speed reducer enterprise industry market competitiveness.
In terms of current industry development situation, R series reducer come out ahead in the industry, become the industry's leading the way. R series reducer, it has a great many motor combination and installation form of transmission efficiency ratio close, hard tooth surface gear is made of high quality alloy steel, carburizing and quenching on the surface hardening treatment, fine grinding processing, meet different working condition, has the advantages of steady transmission, large capacity, low consumption, low noise, low temperature, long service life and more used in metallurgy, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry such as sewage treatment, therefore, effective in terms of environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction.
Reducer production enterprises in the face of fierce market competition, should speed up the innovation of the products, environmental protection energy conservation and emissions reduction, break through the existing development bottlenecks, to every industry in the development of many enterprises.

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